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Your next generation cloud-based coatcheck manager

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About the app'

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the old style ticket system for your coat check? Have you ever wanted to have a direct access to your customer porfolio? This is now possible, thanks to CHECKMYCOAT and its unique concept!

Just use your integrated QR code scanner to scan your customers' unique QR codes. Tag their items. Save. VoilĂ . Scan them again, get the tag number and return the item. That was easy!

Next generation cloud-based coatcheck manager

Once you try it, you won' be able to get rid of CHECKMYCOAT. Guaranteed!

Tired of infinite queues at your coatcheck desk?

CHECKMYCOAT is fast and helps reducing queues for coatcheck. Less queue, more time for your customers to enjoy the party!

It is safe

Scan your customers' QR codes to check their coat and give them back their items. No more stolen or lost coats!

Getting in touch with your customers has never been so easy

CHECKMYCOAT helps you contacting your customers. No need to get any guest-list any more!

Don't you want to discover more about the app'? Why don't you just download it and start using it? You can use it for FREE. Want some more? We have plans for you!

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A few highlights of what CHECKMYCOAT can do for you. Try it for yourself for more!

Cloud based/

Use CHECKMYCOAT anywhere in the world, any day, any time

Access your inventory/

Access your coatcheck inventory directly from the app. Track the items, even the lost & found

No more lane/

Just scan your customers secured QR code. We handle all the hassle for you

/Coat check clerks management

You're not always behind the desk. Delegate to some of your employees

/Direct contact to your customers

Reach them out within seconds. Send them direct messages to promote your latest offers and deals

/Statistics? What' that?

Get access to your history and check your performance online


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here comes the pictures!

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